nk. The supreme imperial power is also dwarfed in front of the rumors, or the next generation of the world will not be so bad. And now it seems that at least this effect is not bad. “Hey: Healers, the truth of the heavens and the earth, to protect the body, to protect people. Today’s Tai Hospital is up and down, and it is a vaccination, and it is in the ages, and the Philippine EMI…” When time entered June, things fermented to a certain extent. At the time, the headline of the “News” on this day officially published the official news about acne. The word “vaccinia” officially entered the eyes of the people of the world. For a time, the medical doctor’s aura on the whole body of Ando’s General Hospital was even more powerful. If you want to use an idiom to express it, then it is more appropriate to have the words “Wanjiasheng Buddha”. Although the beginning of this ‘tough battle’ is the emperor of the land, it is his two-year premise that he is full of ideas. After that, the entire road was brought to the public. After repeated verification for two years, a lot of examples of the reliability and safety of the vaccinia were obtained. The facts speak, this thing is indeed the natural nemesis of ‘pox’. “Chen is really fearful. This matter depends on his majesty, the merits of the minister, but the greed for himself…” An Dao had a cold sweat on his head. In this case, he is really greedy for the ‘God”s work. The mistake is not to know that Lu Qian will not intentionally dig a hole to bury himself, his legs can be soft into noodles, there are wood. It is because Lu Qian has taken himself too clean in this matter, and all the credit has been pushed to the whole body of An Dao. “Anqing does not have to panic, this matter is self-contained. Compared. Lu Qian comforted An Daoquan and said: “You and I have the righteousness of the brothers, and you will not be jealous of you.” To be honest, the folks are deeply hated and deeply fearful of acne, so that a very savage disease is surrendered by me, and there will be a g