ions. Too big a change will last for at least ten years. In addition, Lu Zhe does not go into the grassland does not mean that there will be no other movements, but he thinks that he has to step forward to the Western Region. The number of troops entering the army is not too exaggerated. It only takes 150,000 troops to prepare for improvement. A footed area, and then slowly hit it. There will be such an idea because of Lu Zhe’s consistent thinking that the country’s army cannot be made up, even if it is to cause trouble, it is necessary to find a target for the army to fight. Otherwise, the army will not fight for a long time. Fast, the speed of corruption is amazing. What he can be sure of is that once the soldiers are not used for a few years, not only will the military commanders be drunk, but the soldiers of the army will forget how to fight. What is the main thing? He also wants to use the material needs of the war to stimulate domestic economic construction, and he wants economic construction to rely on his own “farming” and rushing the wealth of foreigners is the fastest. “therefore we The goal now is to first trap the Hu people’s main force, as long as they can’t get them back to the grassland, even if they let them wander in the northern region for a few years, it will be beneficial for us to further weaken the grassland,” Xu Zhi is giving Wang Wei explained the strategic thinking from Lu Zhe. He said that Xi’an wedding car rental had a meeting, but he only said one thing about it. What is the future development strategy of Han Guo? It is also necessary for Wang Hao to personally listen to Lu Zhe. Chapter 725: Mo’nan (11) Are all the mobilized troops going north? Naturally, all the troops cannot go north. After all, the family can’t sing the empty city. In addition, those troops in the north are not going to enter. Outside the squad, only the five corps of the National Defence Forces and the ban will enter the squad, and the rest will remain in those areas that were newly assigned to the rule of Lu Zhe