tea, this name is blame.” Speaking, Sumi called the two children too, and they also had one cup. “I tasted it. If I like it, I will call the hoes to cook every day. Anyway, drinking is not drinking.” Sumi said with a smile. “Well, this smell is okay, but the taste of the tea is also dim, sweet and fragrant, okay.” ☆, 666th chapter: Going to the town to talk about business is like Zhang Yuyu said, although Zhang does not dislike the taste of this milk tea, but it is not very like, can only say that in general, Chengzhi’s reaction is also reactive. Nothing, but it is very beautiful. Sumi was originally made to marry two children. As for what everyone likes, this Sumi will not interfere, like what to drink and drink. “Now Chengzhi likes it.” Drinking tea is not like a child at all. “Sumi shook her head and sighed: “Mother, if you and Cheng Zhi like to drink tea, there are a lot of tea in my cupboard, what are the flavors, all are good tea, you just drink it.” Sumi said with a smile. She collected so many teas because she liked to drink more tea, but because she gave her a lot of tea because of the mistake, so Sumi felt that the mistake should be like drinking tea. This time, the mistake was not here. Sumi didn’t know why I saw all the teas that I used to say, and I bought them back. I also specially asked Shi Lei to play. A small cabinet is specially used to put tea leaves. However, these teas can’t be drunk when they are wrong. This will be the case when Sumi sees Zhang and Cheng Zhi are willing to drink some tea. “I drink tea, it’s almost the same. Are you teas that are good tea? Don’t give me a drink, keep it, wait for the dragon son to come back. When I saw him here, I was holding a teacup every day. Zhang put down the milk tea bowl and said with a smile. “Mother! You have finally said a fair word this time, then the words are coming, the wind and water are turning, isn’t it? Can’t you say that I can be alone every day?” Zhang Yuyu was Suomi during this time. And Zhang Shi did not stop moving, this time the