umi took Zhang Yuyu and walked to the carriage in the backyard. Leng Qing wanted to stop Sumi, but was stopped by Murong. She did not investigate and went to Sumi. Seeing Long Qing chasing Sumi out, he has lost his sense of reason. The preconceived one thinks that Sumi seduce Long Qing. Today is the sin of the Xingshi, how can he care about the identity of Sumi? But thousands of calculations, I did not expect Su Mi will say such a thing! ☆, 464th chapter: Explain the white “Miss! You let them go so far? ! What is your attitude towards the village woman just now! “Leng Qing touched his hot and painful arm, and he did not hesitate to swear. Murong 岚 Liu Mei was a cross, and a pair of waves of light swayed on the cold blue. “How do I do it, do you still come to teach me?” “Leng Qing has been waiting for Murong for ten years. The nature of this young lady’s temper, whoever dares to say at this time is purely looking for death. At the moment, Leng Qing immediately took the face of the arrogance and made a The dejected, distressed, distressed look of tears and eyes looked at Murong Yu: “Miss is very generous, slaves just can’t see the grievances of the lady. What is the qualification of Sumi and Miss?” I want to say that there are not enough knives! This words took Murong Yu, stepped on Sumi, and showed his loyalty to him by the way. I have to say that this niece is quite experienced. “Knowing you for me, but today’s things don’t have to be said.” . After listening to the words of Leng Qing, Murong’s face really eased a lot. This time, he turned and walked out of the crowd, and went to the carriage, faintly glanced at the cold blue. Cold blue will help, quickly support Murong to the carriage. Then I followed myself into the drill. “You didn’t listen to her, she already has a son and a daughter, and is still a widow?” Miss Ben and one such person care about it. If it is passed back to the capital, is my face still or not? “Murong slanted and glanced at the cold blue eyes sitting in the carriage and whispered. “How do