vernment of Nan County is no different from the official residence of Hengshan County. There are busy lawsuits everywhere. It seems that Lu Xi’an Xi’an wedding car rental government is also very hardworking? It is said that hard work is a good evaluation at this time. Things are more representative of government affairs. The handling of the government shows that the functions of the government have not been affected during the war. For one party, there are more officials and more than Ken. Rejoicing? When I came back to the second courtyard, Han Liang saw that only Xiao He stayed in the same place. He wanted to come to Lu Wei and Lv Wei Xi’an to rent a car and take a carriage to go out first. Those who seemed to come together from Pei County should also go out. It was prepared. Xiao He saw Han Liang coming over and smiled and said a word of “please”. The two men walked out of the county side by side. “Mr. Xiao, what do you think of Lu Hou?” “Han Liang has read and cooked. The question is even more direct. Xiao He’s face is awkward, and he paused to regain his speed. But in his heart, he wondered how to ask under the ignorance of Han Liang. “Oh! Mr. Xiao does not blame, the good thing is to see that the daggers are not short of food under Lu’s rule.” Han Liang’s implication is that when there is a war, there are still moves to the dagger to give porridge. “It is obvious that Lu Hou is a loved one. Child. I am really curious about what kind of person Lu Weihui is. Xiao He can say anything except smiles. He really touched Lu Zhe for a few months in Yangzhou County. Although he would drink alcohol often, he wouldn’t be friends. I know that Lu Zhe’s way of speaking is ridiculous. There are always some weird ideas in his head, and he likes to make tools that he has never seen before. The rest? He really can’t say one thing. The partial door, the original car rental in the second courtyard of Xi’an, was rented on the road. Nearly 100 people did not know where to find the horses and waited for the reins. The cari