out. “Giggle, I will take a shower first, then cook… I don’t want you to follow up!” Lima took the skirt to the bathroom, and turned back to warn that she would sit up and want to follow her Nanjing sauna. At a glance, she knows that letting this bastard come in, she wants to stop and cook. Don’t think about it, you must be hungry. The Nanjing sauna shrugged and lay back. Looking at the very characteristic ceiling, the corner of the mouth was slightly tilted, and the heart sighed. This is life, no need to worry about money, wherever there is a goddess, taste the beauty At the same time enjoy the food, push open the windows and doors are golden beaches, blue sea and blue sky. Just as the Nanjing sauna was in the endless aftertaste, the bathroom door was quickly opened again. After the shower, Lima, who had changed the skirt, came out, and the whole person became more beautiful. The tropical beach dress made her look very elegant. “You wash, sweat, I go to the kitchen to make the meal, I am ready, and soon.” Lima was rubbed by the Nanjing sauna, and smiled and leaned back. After a few kisses with the Nanjing sauna, he pushed him away and walked out of the bedroom barefoot. As soon as the door opened, the sea breeze blowing through the hall blew the dress on her body and made her exquisite figure more charming. In the kitchen, Lima began to make Brazilian Babao rice. There was a Brazilian barbecue machine in the corner. The Brazilian barbecue was more focused on the original flavor. Opened the barbecue machine, and Lima skillfully re-raised the beef that had been baked. Brush a layer of oil and continue to bake until it turns golden yellow and smells the nose. Lima’s ingredients are well prepared, her man’s appetite is surprisingly large, and there are two big men, Joseph and Kenny, who are naturally enough to eat. The big long-stirred beef in the middle of the barbecue machine is full of strings. together. Brazilian-style coconut nai shrimp, reheated the prepared soup in the pot, put delicious shrimp and coconut,