bility to reverse the situation. The defeat of Guiyue was only a matter of time. Lu Zhe looked at the Yue and Yue troops who were running farther and farther, and then looked at Zhao’s side. The chaotic army headed by Zhao’s own is also chaotic. They really did not think that the 100-year-old enemy forces that they desperately resisted would become so vulnerable after the Qin army’s death. Many people have judged that even if the troops brought by Lu Zhe will win in the end, it will be a matter of a few days. Before then, Lu Zhe will not bother them. I did not expect that the two camps of Baiyue, one of them was directly killed by a wave, and the other did not even escape. “What to do?” This is a question that many chaos is thinking in the heart. The more you learn, the more you run away? It is also necessary for these chaotic troops to have a unified system like the Vietnam Army. Zhao’s chaotic military system is very chaotic, and this is only one of them. The second is that Qin Jun has a force in the vicinity of Jiangling, they can imagine, only To discard the camp and escape, the Qin army will definitely catch up. “What to do in the end!” More and more chaotic people are rushing, and this rush is relieved until a person who does not want to leave a name brings a letter. Lu Zhe Xi’an wedding car rental is not concerned about the battlefield, his current attention is involved in the rebel camp. There, the front and rear camp gates were opened, and the number of people in the direction of Lu Zhe’s camp was only a dozen. The rear camp was like running out of dumplings. “It seems that the opinions are not unified?” The situation is not difficult to guess. Lu Zhe understands that this is the smoothness of the war and the lack of confidence in the rebel faction. He said to the defending side: “You will pick them up.” To the ten people, you should “squat” and go. The camp in Guiyue was caught in a fight, and Xu Zhi led the cavalry once again out of the battlefield that was unfavorable to the cavalry. When he came