are also Can you give me some strength, how can you not worry?” “…” Chen Liang took a moment to say, “The three coastal shipbuilding bases in Xi’an are about to be completed.” Hearing the central side has also developed a set of sea salt. The way…” Zhang Er knows, but that was the predecessor’s job in the county. The arrangement of the Xi’an wedding car rental was arranged. After he took office, he did not finish the administration because of his predecessor’s appointment. It means he has at least two years. There is no way to arrange according to your own ideas. It is actually quite speechless to be an official. The predecessor did not know how to be an official. If he had to leave, he would arrange a three-year plan, which would simply block the next road. This is why he was depressed. “Mountains, so many mountain people who can’t farm, it seems that many mountain people are still Baiyue Miao?” Zhang Er turned his eyes: “They can still contribute to the enrichment of the county.” Chen Liang feels very bad, he It is obvious that this boss is purely flustered… It is also a painful egg, because it is impossible to change the administrative plan of the predecessor, so there is nothing to do with other things, and may still want to please the center. The idea was reached to match the idea of ??the migrant population to the border county. As long as it is a county in the south, some people are nothing more than strange places in the Baiyue ethnic group. Those who are very early in Xi’an wedding car rental Xi’an wedding car rental, after the time of washing Xi’an wedding car rental can not be Baiyue People, just some of these people’s living habits still preserve the Baiyue ethnicity, but it is too much to be forced to throw a “non-family” hat! “County guards, mountain people also have the use of mountain people. Nowadays, most areas are planting mountains, whether it is herbs or fruits can produce economic benefits.” Chen Liang is persuading, he also made up his mind to absolutely not let Zhang Er Fucking,

Nanling City has 180,000 inhabitants, basically living in the north of the city. From the location of Lu Zhe, it can only be seen far away. A neatly arranged building, but rarely can see two-story houses. Instead, there are more two- and three-storey attic buildings in the east of the city. In fact, the residents of the city are always strictly rigorous, generally situation The dagger is distributed in the north, the residence of the official system is east, and the market is generally in the west, and the south is often used to deal with pastoral animals and as a land for food. Of course, how to distribute is not absolute, see It is the location of the city and the ruler’s attitude. The so-called location is about the geographical location, such as the northern city pool that likes to wind the sand, the residential houses in the city are generally not in the north, and living in the north is also the bottom of society. After all, a bit The conditions of the person who wants to live in a place where the wind is going to eat sand? And the attitude of the ruler need not say more, let the residence live where, only the obedient. Nanling City is built on the Yangtze River On the upper part, some of the city walls are close to the river section, because there is a ferry near the Yangtze River. The river wind is too cold, and there is a ferry that needs to be transported near the ferry. The south side of Nanling City cannot be used as a residence. Lu Zhe attaches great importance to the Yangtze River, and the water transport system is also fully utilized. Most of the materials from Hengshan County, Jiangjun County and Qijiang County are transported from Nanling City, which is a waterway. It saves not rich grazing animals. Can also be reduced The manpower and food loss on the land. When Feng and Dong were invited, Lu Zhe Xi’an wedding car rental watched the city’s boat on the Yangtze River. The spring of the South County was the time to hang the monsoon. The number of boats is so large that the boat on the Yangtze Riv

his fist. As for whether it is attacking the lower abdomen or the chest or the white face of the head, it is impossible to guess. Therefore, while White Europe cut the alloy sword, the left hand took the alloy dagger from the waist, and took advantage of the trend to completely block the upper body. Whether Wei Shimin attacked his head or belly, he would be sharply dagger. tease in. All of this seems simple, but I want to calculate everything in the instant of the fingertips. It is extremely difficult to see the fire, but it is harder than Wei Shimin. Although he has faster speed and stronger power, in this moment, Everything came together. His attack was like taking the initiative to get the white dagger’s dagger. Not to mention the dagger attack that evaded the white Europe. Even the thought of dodging was too late to be born, and it was instantly smashed by the dagger and cut off. His right hand. The momentary change in the middle, not only Wang Fengyao looked at it, Blue Butterfly also looked at it. Wei Shimin’s right hand was cut off, and a tragic scream was made. The left hand was stretched out, and the hand was broken. As soon as he arrived at the hospital at the fastest time, he would catch the broken hand. This hand can still be used while flying a foot. White Europe played a fight. Although he is willing to make a move, he is not the master of the “two changes”. After the injury, he can still hold his mind, and he will not be chaotic, fly to the white Europe, and then step into the sky. He no longer loves to fight, and even his white Europe can be let go, just to escape from the fastest time, to find a way to pick up the palm of the hand, this is definitely a decisive monk. He had just vacated and fell to the roof of a room on the front of the room. He suddenly slammed and he was re-slid from the roof. The white Europe that was kicked off fell to the ground, and this foot was not light. He did not have Wang Fengyao’s treasure armor. The internal organs were like a reverse, and he could not climb for a

ms. There is an active volcano on the side. In addition to all kinds of gems, the Western Army Corps also found gold mines in the two regions of Tianshan and Kunlun Mountains. It is an open-pit gold mine, and some dog-head gold is exposed to the air. The nature of the gold mine is more important, but because the island has been producing gold, after the Western Corps reported it, the center only sent a team of exploration. After exploration, although it was all open-pit gold mines, the reserves were not imagined. It’s so big. For the results given by the exploration team, the Western Corps certainly felt extremely disappointed. That is because according to the new bill, the army can find a subsidy of 5 percent when it discovers resources outside the country. It is during the discovery period that the soldiers in the book can receive subsidies. Until the retirement, will be subsidized according to the roster, until the capital The source is consumed or the soldier on the roster is dead. It was a new bill, and the emperor Xi’an’s wedding car hired the bill into a thing called the “empire constitution”. What is the constitution? Grab a question, most of them don’t know. Only those who have more knowledge and have heard it can figure it out, but everyone only understands that it is right for the emperor to give benefits to the army. The empire’s constitution is something that the empire has made in the past nine years. Some bills have been added, but the importance of it has not been known to ordinary people. It is the time of the honourable group and some big families and gentry. The moment is watching. The team led by Zhang Cang is a bit “swollen”. In addition to more than 4,700 soldiers, there are more than 20,000 slaves and nearly 6,000 carriages. Oh, naturally, the Roman ambassadors are indispensable. The things loaded in the carriage are more complicated. Except for the necessary weights, it is nothing more than a trophy. There are too many forces in the Western Region, and the spoils are usually quite str

people who were read were kept in a position of looking up. They were basically 30 years old. One looked though it was dark but not so long, and the other two had one. The face is winding around. “Get up. Daqin is not going to worship the soldiers, and you can do it with military ceremonies.” Lu Zhe did not perform any sergeant Li Xian, but the Daqin army really did not worship. He waited for the three to stand up: “Talk about your name, the original citizenship.” “The villain Zhao Chong, Yan County, Anyang people.” “Small person Yan Bi, Guangyang County, Yu County people.” “Small People, Mibei County, Boyang people.” Do not regard the first word of these three names as “last name” or “氏氏”. According to current habits, such as “Zhao Chong”, it should be understood as a The ancestors were the descendants of the people who lived in Zhaodi. When calling him, according to the custom of this time, it is called “rushing” directly, instead of calling the word “Zhao”. Lu Zhe also asked: “How many of you have been from the army, have been officers?” The three of them really had two men who had crossed the army. Zhao Chong was originally a captain of the defending army, and Mibu was the Chu army. A team rate, and Yan Bi has actually been a county of a county. The military system of the country is different from that of the Qin State. The commander of the Kuo is not easy to understand from the literal point of view, and the Chu Jun’s team rate is actually an officer who leads two hundred people. Lu Zhe suddenly realized a “blind reading” that has been neglected all the time. Some of these people are prisoners of war and some are criminal officers. Then they must have talents to save. As long as he is good at excavation… When he learned that the three were soldiers, Lu Zhe hesitated after raising the three for a long time, just remembering the name and letting him back. “What about the potential of commanding? Not to mention Qin Guoshu, even if it is the slaughter and Ren Biao, it will definitely not let this gro

aking a plan, it is the best possible to take care of all sides, and they also have their own reasons. For example, the population is crowded, the population is too large and the land is too small. People who travel to the area are sparsely populated, those who migrated to the past can get at least one piece of land, and then the state’s supplementary policies can make life better. Can’t say that the idea is wrong. A person has an idea of ??different classes will have different ways of thinking and logic. Ultimately, any time such a kind man, hisThe gimmick of gold material will not think about whether the gimmick made of gold can eat. Seeing a group of people looking at themselves with an eager and hopeful expression. Yang Liang can’t be born any more. He told the truth: “The light is not the length of a county. The folks don’t want to be bright.” Another old man “hehe” smiled and asked: “As long as the county magistrate does not object, the person who can say that he can be the master is Who. The folks went to him to ask for sympathy.” Yang Liang’s expression was immediately wrong, and the darling folks knew that he could not do the Lord. What he wanted was his supportive attitude. But he did not say support! Then, the folks went to find a higher-ranking official petition, and they told the official that he agreed to rent a car in Xi’an, regardless of whether he really agreed, as long as the villagers said to the higher-ranking officials, Then how do people look at him, and he still wants to continue to mix in the officialdom? Sure enough to face the villagers, especially a group of small and clever folks, is the most depressing thing. “You don’t want to hang me anymore.” Yang Liang smiled again and again: “Brightly, I have never done anything wrong, there is no shortage of food, and there is not much clothing to be delivered. The place where I live is not leaking.” In fact, he wants to swear, but he really can’t be embarrassed. He can only continually resent in his heart. “The county magistrate is naturally

accidents. She has forcibly broken through the interference with her strong mental strength and fired everywhere. Her net magic ball has been in overload operation, the temperature inside the ball is as high as 80 degrees, if it is not because she is a Shura, the body is superhuman, has long been cooked. Until she had just completed all the emergency measures, all the planets entered a state of no network, leaving only a few necessary links. A big round ball, the first fat to give himself a liter of water, only finally eased. Don’t talk about taking a shower these days, even your face is not washed, sour and smelly, you don’t have to look in the mirror to know that you must look like a ghost now. Xi’an wedding car rental is not good! Suma! She suddenly remembered that her cat Xi’an wedding car rental did not feed for a few days, should not starve it to death? Chapter 82 City War Of course, Suma will not be starved to death. In the few days when he was too busy to take care of him, he strolled through the entire city of Shura. There was a metal ring on his tail with the identification mark of the fat. The canteen aunt recognized the cat, and gave him a deluxe working meal that was treated the same as the fat. In fact, the fat is to give Sumo a collar, but he seems to be particularly repulsive. No matter what kind of collar he puts on, he is always pulled down by him after a few minutes, and he is reluctant to give him a set of steel locks. I always felt that it was abusing. Therefore, in the end, both of them took a step back and changed to a ring of identity on the tail of Suma. In the city of Shura, the soldiers were in a mess, and everyone was busy with their feet. They turned around 24 hours a day, not to mention eating. Even the sleeping time was compressed to be less and less. Almost everyone relied on nutritional capsules and refreshing medicines. Health. The canteen became the most free department in the entire Shura city. The aunts in the canteen usually complain that there are too many people to eat, bu

God automatically through various signs, power transformation and other causes and consequences, reverse the introduction of her function, and her function “swallow” and add to the God.

This kind of effect, ye Dong Lai didn’t even dare to think. In fact, relying on predatory power, he can…

Jun took the initiative to retreat, but the word “active” may not be used very well, it should be passive defeat. Because Qin Jun left the battlefield, Baiyue people had the power to occupy the site to kill the wounded of the Qin army. One wounded and undead wounded soldier was abused and killed in the scream of fear. The cruelty of the war was revealed at this moment. . Translation Yu Ze did not know if he had read the military book, he came up with an idea. He thought of doing it. First, the convener led the captured Qin army to the battlefield, and then arranged for people to ambush, and finally assembled a 5,000-strong force. No smoke. There is no wolverine from the wild wolf that tears up the body of the film and television. On the battlefield, sometimes the sound of the sorrow is heard. Invisible, Baiyue people walked through a small group, they are all short-skinned, perhaps they feel that the position is right, they will fall to the ground. Later, an event that was destined to cause another killing occurred. The screaming screams that are not like human voices are constantly coming from far away, and it is hard to let people as if they have not heard. Everyone knows that it is the morale of the enemy in the fight against one’s own side, but if you hear the screams of your comrades’ robes, even if you don’t know who the person is, as long as you are an individual, you will feel sad. Lu Zhe naturally heard the innocent roar on the battlefield. At this moment, his face is very pale, if the light is full, it will definitely be regarded as a kind of feeling that I don’t know if it is scared. Very strange, even if it was the first time to command 20,000 troops to fight this battle-level battle, Lu Zhe did not have a trace of fear. He is at most nervous. There are many factors in the pale face. One is that he has not slept for three days and three nights, and the other is indeed blood loss and serious reading. “It is necessary to solve this matter immediately!” Yes, continue to let the screams of sternness conti

ommittee early. Zuo Xiaomei did not come back in Wuling. The organization department went to Huang Hongmei, deputy minister. Moreover, Wang Maoliang, secretary of the provincial party committee, personally sent the Nanjing sauna to Yiyang, and the provincial party committee organization department went to a deputy minister to announce the order. Wang Maoliang saw the Nanjing sauna to see the car, could not help but see, but did not say anything, just nodded to the Nanjing sauna, and then turned to Coster. Yiyang is adjacent to Baisha, and the road is not far away. Therefore, when the group arrived at the Yiyang Municipal Committee, it was still early, and the leadership team of the Yiyang Municipal Committee was waiting for the cold wind. After some chills, Wang Maoliang and his party were invited to the conference room of the Municipal Party Committee. When I walked into the conference room, the Nanjing sauna was shocked by the people in the room. Then I understood that there were four sets of team meetings held in the morning. Later, the Nanjing sauna saw Chen Hao in the crowd. This guy looked a little thinner and his face looked pale. It was obviously his life was not very good. The meeting was chaired by Luo Ming, secretary of the municipal party committee. Luo Ming is in his fifties, and he can see a few white hairs in his hair. Although he has always been a smile, the Nanjing sauna still sees a trace of anxiety from his eyes. “Comrades, now meeting.” Luo Ming cleared his throat and glanced at the big meeting room. Now, let us welcome the provincial party secretary Wang to give us instructions with warm applause! His voice just fell, and the conference room rang with deafening applause. However, the Nanjing sauna noticed that Wang Maoliang did not seem to have a cold on these applause, and he was still gloomy. Generally speaking, the leaders of the provincial party organization department took the lead. Announce the latest appointment of the provincial party committee, and then the provincial party committee