off the bus first, then smiled softly

ped at the gate of a manor. At the moment, outside the manor, a man dressed in a kung fu, sitting on a futon, and stood a lot of people behind him. At this moment, when the business car stopped, it was a slight gaze. Su Changze got off the bus first, then smiled softly. He said: “Is the information channel of Xiong’s chaebol good? This is the wind that has been received in ten minutes. Even people are ready, and it saves us time. Ye Hao faintly said: “What era is it now? Passing these messages on a phone call, it is estimated that Zhang’s chaebol has just been resolved, and I have received the news here? ” “and also Yes, but such a big squad, it seems that Xiong’s chaebol is full of confidence in Xiong Jie. Otherwise, most of the time, I have to avoid the war. Can you do it in the old leaves? If it doesn’t work, I will be fine for a while, lest you turn over in the gutter. “Su Zhangze road.” Will not, a bear Jie only. “Ye Ye shrugged. The two men did not deliberately cover up. The people of Xiong’s chaebols all heard it. At the moment, they all had black lines. These two guys are too arrogant? Put this bear.” chaebol as what? as their new king what? but Xiong Jie actually did not mind the image of the past and not the same, he clearly heard these words, but still sat dish, it seems respiratory medicines in general. Seeing this scene, Ye Hao and Su Changze looked at each other, and the look in their eyes was serious. It seems that Xiong Jie can’t be underestimated. The two get off, they are facing each other. Arched the hand, and the leaves are not nonsense, but directly to the front: “Everyone of the Xiong’s chaebol, in the next Yeh’s financial valve Ye Hao, come to challenge Xiong’s chaebol Xiongjie, please enlighten me. Xiong Jie heard a look at Ye Hao, cold and cold: “Master Ye Hao, when did you learn to be so arrogant?” When I went to Zhang’s chaebol, I knew the next battle post. Come to me, Lien Chan’s post is saved? Ye Hao smiled and said: “The original Xiong Jie master you like this set, then it’s

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