as a three-year-old.” Chen Pengyu hung up the phone, face There was a faint smile on it. “My brother-in-law, how is it, is it lively here?” Le Yu took a glass of wine in his hand and walked to the side of the Nanjing sauna. He saw that he was looking at the beautiful woman singing on the center stage of the hall. He smiled. “Don’t look at her as a big star.” In a while, it is no different from ordinary people. Drinking and smoking, playing mahjong.” “Fortunately, it’s just a little unexpected. Does the owner of this bar have a head?” Nanjing Sauna shook his head and turned his eyes to the side of the bar, Qian Xiaomei and Mia. The two are talking hot, and two girls are sitting with them. “Of course, here is not the average person, if you go to those more secret meetings I will be even more surprised. “Let’s laugh,” “If you come back to Beijing to work, you can often participate in this kind of party. The network is built like this.” “Forget it, I am born in mud, and this kind of big occasion is not suitable for me.” The Nanjing sauna shook his head. “Yes, what about your Liao Yulin? Why haven’t you arrived yet?” “I just found a reason to go out and drink with you. I really thought you would come to see people.” “Let’s scream, and the chin is lifted. “Hey, play darts with people over there, right, listen to Xiaomei, you are playing this very powerful, and you have won Hana Qian?” “That is Hanako who gave me.” “Nanjing sauna laughs, drink a cup of wine in a cup, look down at the glass,” “Lee, today someone asked you to call me and Xiaomei, or you think.” “Let’s take a look and look up at the Nanjing sauna.” What happened? “I just saw Chen Pengyu coming in.” “Nanjing sauna laughs, if it is just a coincidence, then it is all right. If it is a deliberate arrangement of a person, then the deep meaning behind it must be worth pondering. “You, really, everything is on the plot. “Leo suddenly understands and giggles. “Today is my temporary decision to pull you out to drink. Of course, let me help you test Liao Yulin b