n fact, these arguments can be established in other developed cities. The same is true for those deep cities. In one breath, he said that for an hour, Wang Mingyuan also came to give him two waters, and the tea was so scented. However, looking at the expression of Zhu Xing, the Nanjing sauna could not help but have a sense of pride. Nima, Laozi’s homework was not done. As for whether Zhu Xing will follow suit, it is not his business. “Nanjing Sauna, thank you.” Zhu Xing smiled and thanked the Nanjing sauna. “I’ve talked with you for so long today, and I’ve got a lot of money. Really, I didn’t think of it myself.” “I can’t think of your little age. There is such a knowledge, not simple, it is not the grandson of Chen Lao, the old Chen family is followed by someone.” “Mayor Zhu, you have won the prize, don’t praise me, I will be proud.” Nanjing sauna I smiled awkwardly. “Never talk nonsense, don’t go to your heart.” “This is not a nonsense. Really speaking, the economic construction of developed cities is facing these problems.” Zhu Xing shook his head, eyes Staring at the eyes of the Nanjing sauna, “Yes, you are now at the deputy department level. Are you interested in coming to the deep city to help me? The matter of mobilization will be handled by me. I will come to the city government as the secretary-general. It’s not impossible for you to be the deputy mayor, and it’s not impossible to enter the Standing Committee!” Nima, the deputy mayor of the deputy provincial city, has a big temptation. The Nanjing sauna has widened his eyes. Zhu Xing, “Mayor Zhu, you can’t afford to see me too. If I am just Zhao Zuo, I will only talk about it on paper. Then, are you not losing money?” “No, you guys can’t be me.” “Hidden Tibetans in front of you.” Zhu Xing laughed. “I know a little about your experience. The things you did are really very good, how are you, are you interested?” “This, this, can you let me go back?” I thought, I would like to ask the opinions of my family, or my grandfather will marry me, sayi

ot me…” ———— The first slogan of the second motto of the Secret Olympics, which cannot be said in the Olympic Village: “The village, Not to be rumored.” From the delegations of various countries to the Olympic Village, that is, since then, “the secret game in the village” has begun. This seems to be the first day of college. I feel a little nervous, but I am also very excited. Everyone starts to look at it and hook it up. Even if it is not what everyone expected, it is very understandable. A large group of super-healthy young people have received the same intensity training as military training for several years. Suddenly, everyone was placed in a closed space that was disturbed by paparazzi and skeptical parents. . . The air before the game was full of hormonal atmosphere, and the concentration seemed to start to rise rapidly. At this time, all the athletes in the Olympic Village reduced the training intensity, but they maintained the training diet. Every day, I still need the calories needed for training, but I don’t want to train. There is nowhere to use the jing force. Every day I see a variety of girls from all over the world. The entire Olympic Village has become a melting pot, even though the Olympic Village in Beijing has deliberately avoided this problem and even changed the Olympic practice of free distribution of small raincoats. . . Still can’t stop the gunmen who accidentally opened the PAO room, the big men who fought in the four-player, the Germans who were not as happy as the Lele, the diving team that was based on the qing, and the true love in the village. . . . . . In the early morning of the next morning, in the spacious dormitory with closed curtains, Alison was awake when the mobile phone was fixed. The sleepy eyes of the blind eyes opened hard, and the mobile phone that grabbed the continuous sound was pressed and closed. eye. “Why do you want to set such an early time?” Alison felt the unscrupulous claws of Lushan. “It was time to get up and training…” Nanjing sauna tightly cl

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