Their attachment to feelings is not something that ordinary men can imagine.

They are obsessed with feelings and want to get men’s feelings. They are eager to have a strong love but they don’t want men to pay attention. They long for men to love themselves but they don’t want this. Feelings are too cheap, too easy to come.

Liu Qingyu is good at seeing humanity and people but can’t understand women

. The conversation between the two people entering the end of the table is almost swept away by Liu Qingyu and is preparing to leave

Liu Qingyu’s mobile phone. Suddenly rang,

and the familiar ringtone, Liu Qingyu, suddenly became big. The

phone was called by

Cao Shuhui. Liu Qingyu said with a smile on the phone: “How did Miss Cao think of calling me?” Cao

Shuhui said with a sigh. : “If you don’t call you again, you will be seduce by other foxes. Liu Qingyu, I can tell you that Miss Da seriously told you not to go with other beautiful girls. Otherwise, this big lady will definitely Come to your side and try your best to drive other women away.”

At this moment, Qin Ruiyi was sitting next to Liu Qingyu’s side and heard Cao Shuhui’s words clearly. Her brows suddenly wrinkled.

Qin Ruizhen was a woman who relied on her instincts. She immediately realized that Cao Shuhui’s fox was definitely her own. The brow was first wrinkled and then gently stretched out. Why did Cao Shuhui give this call to Liu Qingyu? She didn’t care at all. She wouldn’t go to Liu Qingyu’s side at this time to drink Cao Shuhui’s argument because she was A very

deliberate woman, Qin Ruiqi, is very clear that Cao Shuhui is not inferior to her beauty and wisdom. Her super-beauty beauty competition is to win the love of Liu Qingyu. The key to defeating Cao Shuhui is to win Liu Qingyu. If at this time, Cao Shuhui had a quarrel with the phone on the phone, Cao Shuhui’s traitor made Liu Qingyu’s dislike of his heart. He thought that Qin Rui’s heart suddenly burst into a cold heart and said: “It’s not Cao Shuhui. I was determined to be at the side of Liu Qingyu, so I deliberately designed to make me worry and quarrel with her. Let Liu Qingyu hate me. If this is the case, then Cao Shuhui is too embarrassed.”

At this moment, Liu Qingyu heard the words of Cao Shuhui and suddenly he could only remain silent

. At this time, Cao Shuhui said on the phone again: “Liu Qingyu, I heard that next month, Hexi Province will hold an inter-provincial economic exchange meeting. Your deputy magistrate, who is in charge of the China Merchants Group, should represent Xinhua District to participate in this exchange meeting. I will look for you in the past. When the big beauty will personally give you a

favor, then you will ask me to have a good meal.” Liu Qingyu knows that Cao Shuhui’s temper even if she refuses to want to go, she can only smile and nod and say nod. “Well, no problem.”

At this time, Cao Shuhui said: “Liu Qingyu remembers that when you only ask me to invite me to eat alone, I don’t want to bring other women.”

Liu Qingyu can only laugh silently: “Well, this question is Let’s talk about it. I have something to hang up here.” After

finishing the call, Liu Qingyu hangs up the phone. For Cao Shuhui, this super big witch, Liu Qingyu, is really a headache.

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