on the moon, Liutoutou people, after dusk, from the Xinhua District Government, less than 500 meters away, a Hongyun Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the room, Liu Qingyu and Qin Ruizhen face to face Sitting on the elegant seat by the window, the food has been on the two people but silently watching who did not move the chopsticks to eat.


Liu Qingyu was watching Qin Ruiqi because he found that Qin Ruiyi was wearing a fine dress at the audience this evening. Dressed in a white low-cut suit uniform, a white skirt, flesh-colored stockings, silver high-heeled shoes, a black hair, draped over the shoulders, a long necklace, a string of pearl necklaces, and a glamorous gloss

sitting under the pink light. Liu Qingyu, who is less than one meter away from Qin Ruiqi, can clearly smell the scent of the scent from Qin Rui’s body. It

has always been intoxicated. Qin Ruiyi has appeared in Liu Qingyu and Guanshan Town official residences in a professional costume. even in front of a lot of time she would deliberately put on a black-rimmed glasses in order to show her official capacity

, but tonight Now Liu Qingyu’s eyes are a mature, full of hot and tempting mature women, and the royal sister, especially when Qin Ruiyi leans down slightly, the pair of tall, straight-eyed ** under her low-cut uniform will be exposed. A huge outline is more white than tofu, and it is even more moist than jade. The man can’t help but want to play in the past.

Liu Qingyu has known Xu Qinyu for so long, but he has never seen Qin Ruiqi wearing this. The hot one is too sexy and too hot. Rao is a savvy man who can control his body and emotions well. He also feels that there is a hot air in his lower abdomen that is constantly rising to the third leg. Without hesitation, the strong rise of the arrogance and arrogance of the arrogant eagerly wants to jump over the horse with a gun.

It is now that Qin Rui can not see the state of Liu Qingyu’s lower body or Liu Qingyu will die.

This is the first time that Liu Qingyu has reacted so violently to a woman because he usually lives in the beauty side. Not only the mother is a beautiful friend, but also Cao Shuhui, Han Xiangyi, etc., who are beautiful, even when they are in college. Many of my classmates are also beautiful, so the immunity of the general beauty Liu Qingyu is very strong, but today, Qin Rui, Liu Qingyu, who is facing this hot dress, is somewhat dysfunctional.

Qin Ruiyi is also looking at Liu Qingyu Liu. Qingyu or Liu Qingyu is still the ordinary suit, shirt is still the handsome boy but Liu Qingyu’s eyes have become more and more mature and Liu Qingyu’s angular face and persevering character are Let Qin Ruiyi become more and more heart-

felt to Liu Qingyu. At this time, Qin Ruiqi suddenly opened his eyes.

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