Liu Qingyu’s heart is called a jealousy. Why didn’t he think of his own Liujia?

Today, the big and the small will have lost such a big face in front of Qin Ruizhen,

but it’s good, but Liu Qingyu’s face is still thicker and he’s sitting down again. Liu Qingyu’s eyes are not dare to go to this fairy. The beautiful woman’s chest looked saved and had a nosebleed again. He looked directly at Qin Rui’s eyes and asked: “Qin Rui婕 I have always had a question to ask you. What stood off Town Town Committee Secretary-so-good position to quit but why we come to apply the Xinhua District Director of China Merchants do you go Kuanshan how to do, ”

Qin Rui Jie smiled and said:” Liu Qing Yu honestly say I told you the reason why I want to come over to apply for the position of the Director of China Merchants because I want to get in touch with you because I want to chase you. I want you to be my husband. It’s so simple. It’s a rare opportunity for our women to be promoted, but after all, there is still Opportunity, but a man who really made me Qin Ruiyi’s favorite is very rare. I have lived for more than 20 years and found that you have made me Qin Ruizhen really appreciate and really like it, so I have to chase you. I want to conquer you

as far as you say Guanshan Town. Don’t worry, I have already reported with Jinglin County Party Secretary Xia Zhengde before I came back. I suggested that Comrade Meng Huan should be the secretary of the town party committee. He has this ability and his strength is stronger than me. He is in a state of forbearance under your aura, but in fact his ability is very strong, and the secretary of the summer has already agreed. Hong Sanjin also promoted to deputy mayor off to such a town as you can still continue to develop at the time of planning to believe a few years off the town can make a difference. ”

Although Qin Ruiyi is usually an iceberg beauty, once her heart is open, her courage is quite big. Her enthusiasm is to make Liu Qingyu very shocked. He did not think that Qin Ruizhen actually turned his face to himself.

This woman is really enough. It’s hot enough to be bold.

This time, Liu Qingyu is really touched.

A woman can give up so much for herself. No matter how the future is, such a woman is worthy of respect and worthy of self-maintenance,

but Liu Qingyu is not a person of indifference. He is a very responsible and very cautious person. He is slightly addicted and said very cautiously: “Qin Ruiyi, I have to admit that you are a very beautiful and very exciting woman, but I am only 23 years old when I am working hard. Marriage life has not yet been put on the agenda for the time being, so I can’t promise you anything.”

Hearing Liu Qingyu said that Qin Ruiyi once again said with a soft smile: “Liu Qingyu, you can say this level, I am very pleased with me. The most indispensable thing about knowing the best people like you is that women are especially beautiful. The woman doesn’t say anything else. That’s Cao Shuhui’s beauty. It’s better than me. I also heard that there is a little girl named Han Xiangyi who has been clamoring to give you a wife. So you must have hotsk peaches in this life but there are countless but I Qin Ruiyi has the confidence to defeat the beautiful women and finally win you handsome guy.

So Liu Qingyu, I have no other requirements for you, and I don’t ask you to have any psychological problems. I only ask you to do something, don’t refuse me, give me Qin Ruiqi and Cao Shuhui. Even with other women, there is a chance to compete fairly. You can rest assured that I will not have any excessive effect on you. I am only the Director of China Merchants. I just hope that I can help you in my career. I only hope that I can have more time and you. After all, you and Cao Shuhui, Han Xiangyi, etc. are all grown up together. I am lacking in this aspect. So I have to work with you to make up for this short board. So I believe you will not refuse it. “It’s

said that Qin Rui’s watery eyes are soft and looking at Liu Qingyu’s gaze, and the feelings of water seem to be strong. Generally,

this moment is that Liu Qingyu’s heart is like steel, and it’s hard to be touched by this thick eye.

Liu Qingyu can only smile with a smile: “Qin Rui 婕 I Liu Qingyu He De He can actually make you such a beautiful big beauty like you. How can I refuse to ask such a request? Which man can refuse this kind of beauty? “What kind of requirements?”

Qin Rui smiled at this moment. It seems that the temperature in the whole room is warm. The angle is as bright as the peach blossoms. “If you have this sentence, I will be relieved. Let’s talk about Liu’s deputy head. Let’s talk about it. Work, what are your specific requirements for the work of China Merchants Bureau?

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