In the end, the petrified Qin Rui of the interview won a high score of 98 points.


With the outstanding performance of such excellent talents as Qin Ruiqi, there are some excellent talents among the people in the interview. However, many of these people are deputy-level cadres. The reason why they come to compete is to upgrade the half. The goal comes. Therefore, whether it is in work experience or on the spot response, it is much worse than Qin Rui.

In the end, after a comprehensive evaluation by the appraisal team, Qin Ruiyi became the first overall candidate for the open competition of the director of the New China Merchants Promotion Bureau with the first place in the total score.

At the final inauguration ceremony, Liu Qingyu looked at Qin Ruiqi with a stern look: “Comrade Qin Ruiqi, as far as I know, you are now the secretary of the township committee of Guanshan Town. The future is very good. You are sure to give up the position of the town party secretary. Come to China Merchants for the post of director?”

Qin Ruiyi smiled and nodded and said: “I am sure.”

Liu Qingyu once again asked: “Are you sure you don’t regret it?”

Qin Ruiyi nodded hard: “I don’t regret it. ”

Liu Qingyu is really speechless.”

In the end, after two weeks of preparation and evaluation, Qin Ruiyi finally entered the China Merchants Bureau as the director.

The name of Qin Ruiqi and the China Merchants Bureau of Xinhua District have once again become the focus of the entire public opinion.

Regardless of whether it is on the Internet or in many print media, everyone is discussing a question. Why did Qin Ruizhen give up such a promising post to the Guanshan Town Party Committee Secretary and go to the Xinhua District Investment Promotion Bureau to compete? What is she in the picture?

For this question, even Qin Rui’s father was very angry and called and asked Qin Ruizhen why, when Qin Ruiyi told her father her real reason, her father was quite speechless. In the end, I just shook my head and sighed. I said that after a woman’s big mistake, she hang up the phone.

In the evening, Liu Qingyu gave Qin Ruiyi an appointment. Liu Qingyu also wants to ask Qin Ruiqi well, why did she give up such a good position as the secretary of the Guanshan Town Party Committee, what should she do when she left Guanshan Town?

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