heard Qin Ruiyi suddenly change the topic Liu Qingyu suddenly felt empty in his heart The feeling of the kind of beauty just chasing still makes him somewhat reminiscent of some nostalgia.

Men are chasing beauty is the most normal thing, but can be chased by Qin Ruiqi, this super beauty is not ecstatic, of course, if it is a general man I can’t wait to bring Qin Ruiqi directly to bed, but Liu Qingyu is a serious and responsible man. He is very cautious in his emotional life and can’t give Qin Rui’s any Before a determined commitment he did not want to rush to win Qin Rui Jie did not just not responsible is not responsible for their own emotional life of Qin Rui Jie

But Liu Qing Yu is a very open-minded person to see Qin Rui Jie has been so quickly put emotional adjusted He also quickly adjusted it and said it was a faint smile: “When Qin Ruiyi talked about work, I was welcome.”

Here Liu Qingyu’s expression became serious and many voices said: “There is another one and a half months or so. At the upcoming Inter-provincial Economic Exchange Conference in Hexi Province, we will also participate in this exchange meeting in Baiyun Province. For our Xinhua District, especially the Xinhua District Investment Promotion Bureau, this inter-provincial exchange meeting is our only ability to complete us. Great opportunity to attract investment activities throughout the year. If you miss this hotsk inter-provincial exchange meeting, it is very difficult for us to complete the investment promotion task. This is why I suggested to Jiang Xinyu that the position of the China Merchants Director is to be used for the competition.

Since you are in the position of the director, I have three requirements for you. First, use the remaining one and a half months to rectify the internal discipline and style of the China Merchants Group to get the job of the China Merchants Bureau on the right track. Second, we must dig inside the China Merchants Group. Appropriate, motivated and ambitious middle-level cadres to get the right people to the right positions to lay a solid foundation for the future normal work of the China Merchants Group; the third group to build a core investment promotion team to Hexi Province to request the team Everyone must be able to stand alone and be able to carry out team operations to ensure the trip to Hexi Province. We can win some large and medium-sized projects to show the real strength of our investment promotion bureau to the district committee and government. It also shows the strength of your investment promotion bureau. How do you have the confidence to complete these three tasks?”

Liu Qingyu said that Qin Ruiyi said with a faint smile: “There are no problems. These three jobs are all things that the China Merchants Bureau should do. If even these most basic tasks can’t do me.” The director of the China Merchants Bureau is really incompetent. You can rest assured that these jobs will be handed over to me, but since they have to complete these tasks. Merchants internal personnel will certainly work for adjusting Can you make sure my adjustment is not subject to constraints, ”

Liu Qing Yu said with a smile:” I would have no problem with that Party Secretary Comrade Jiang Xinyu said that although the area well China Merchants has become a concentration camp for the second generation of officials*, but Comrade Jiang Xinyu will give full support to your work. As long as it is within the normal scope of work, no one can restrain your work.” Liu Qingyu smiled here. Said: “And although it is difficult for the general director to be in control of the overall situation, it is difficult for the general director to control the overall situation. But if you really can control the investment promotion, it may turn into a magic. Although there are many people here. The second generation, but not everyone likes to mix and mix, and many people also have their own ideals and ambitions. As long as you can successfully inspire their fighting spirit, then the energy of these people will break out when you start work in China Merchants. A very big boost, after all, they are standing behind an ordinary person. People are willing enough to pipe size to which they operate Merchants of people there is definitely a certain amount of energy as long as we make good use of this energy is also possible great things. ”

I heard Liu Qingyu’s words, Qin Ruiqi’s full admiration, and Liu Qingyu’s glance. She had to admire Liu Qingyu’s broad perspective of the man’s thinking. The most profound impression of the second-generation concentration camp was that it was not well managed. Ignore the point that once these people are managed, it is also a very powerful energy.

This evening, as Liu Qingyu said, can also accomplish great things. Whether it is for Liu Qingyu or Qin Ruiqi, it is not a Ordinary evening, because this night, Qin Ruiqi finally succeeded in walking into the heart of Liu Qingyu’s heart and left her mark on Liu Qingyu’s heart. Liu Qingyu’s serious and responsible attitude towards feelings also made Qin Ruiqi Very satisfied, even when Qin Ruiyi confessed to Liu Qingyu, she was not completely sure that she would completely put her lifelong events on Liu Qingyu’s body. She is not a flower idiot. The reason why she said that is also to test Liu Qing. Yu Yu Qing Liu’s attitude if the spot position really even want to agree with Rui Qin Jie to open the room to go to bed, then Qin Rui Jie will not hesitate to leave

Women are a very complicated animal.

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