Because she saw two lines of nosebleeds flowing slowly along the nose of Liu Qingyu, Qin Ruiqi was first glimpsed, and Liu Mei’s heart was secretly excited.

She knows that she has finally received a miraculous effect in order to show her true charm in front of Liu Qingyu. Own eyes are so dull Liu Qing Yu finally nosebleeds Although Liu Qing Yu’s face still with Laosengruding general but to the Qin Rui Jie IQ is not difficult to guess Liu Qing Yu finally by his own power to charm with the

Qin Rui Jie stood up quickly I picked up the napkin on the table and leaned over the body. I leaned down and slapped my nose with a slender jade hand. I gently wiped my nose and wiped my voice. “Liu Qingyu, how did you suddenly have a nosebleed?” Ah, is it ill?” The tone between the words is full of ambiguity.

At this moment, when Qin Ruiyi explored the body, the smear of the low-cut uniform underneath, the 浑 round, the strong ** almost almost stuck in front of himself. Liu Qingyu’s nosebleeds are out of control again.

No, this woman is too hot. It’s too sexy.

Liu Qingyu quickly grabbed a napkin and stood up and said, “Nothing is fine. The weather is a bit dry and angry. I am going. Just take the water and rush it.”

Liu Qingyu stood up and walked to the bathroom next to him.

Seeing Liu Qingyu’s stance when he got up, Qin Rui’s face was flying in the eyes, and the smile on the intoxicating face was even more sweet.

She knew that she finally succeeded in provoking Liu Qing. In the depths of Yu’s heart, the man’s most primitive desire for her to laugh, she knows that I’m afraid to start from today’s success and go to Liu Qingyu’s heart because Qin Rui’s clear that a woman wants to conquer a man must first conquer their eyes. The conquering of their senses is only possible after the conquest of these. The government’s feelings have passed.

Liu Qingyu’s slowness has come out.

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