hivering. Whether it is a cavalry or a refugee, most of them are thin and dirty, and they are huddled in groups of three and five, and they are wrapped around their own rags. Someone is whispering, someone is staggering, and has fallen asleep. At this time, a few horses came from all the way to the north. The hooves broke the silence above and below the hill. Guo Pharmacist heard the sound of the horseshoe and took a breath and spurted a white mist. For a moment, the closer the horseshoe sounded, the small team of people appeared in the middle of the sparse shrubs. There are only six people in this team, and a young man headed by Guo Guo is a Guo pharmacist. “Uncle, they arrived, arrived. There are so many big ships at sea. This Mr. Shi was sent by them.” Hearing the exact answer, Guo’s eyebrows stretched out. The surrounding guards also showed joy on their faces. The long-distance march was miserable and dissipated in an instant. Once again, two times cooked, three times are friends. They are in Nanjing, and others dare not say, quietly collecting some refugees to buy each other, isn’t that the hand coming? The price given by the other party is of course low or even low. The money is placed in the perennial month. The most despicable slaves can only buy thighs, but their cost is lower? The state and county officials of Nanjing Road saw that they were gathering refugees and they did not care. Guo Pharmacist led the team with tens of thousands of refugees to fight south of the state, and they did not see the Khitan. The hostage asked. Shi Xiu has jumped off the horse, and the soldiers around him are not in his eyes. There are two battalions led by Xiao Xiaowu on the sea, and one of them is a newly formed land camp. Don’t look at the number of people. But when you kill it, you must win the Liangshan army. Guo Yao Division is not a threat in his eyes. Shi Xiu looked at the people who were watching him. They looked around from the mountain, and they could see a numb face under a dim fire. Xu is here near the sea, th