ther and shrugged. The fool could see that the Nanjing sauna wanted to soak Ellison, but everyone also understood that even if something happened, it would only stay in The Universiade will not change anything. Since Ellison rejects them, they will not say anything more. Looking at the atmosphere that was a little cold in her own words, Ellison was also very distressed. She could feel the difference of the Nanjing sauna to her, but she also knew that the Nanjing sauna and her were impossible, and most of them just wanted to become After the Universiade CH, after all, this kind of thing is really normal in the athletes, otherwise it will not be regardless of men and women, the Universiade organizers will put so many small raincoats in the prominent position of the apartment. She is not the kind of girl, but the Nanjing sauna can really make her feel faster, and since she started high school, she has never talked about her love. She has heard her teammates talk about her privately. She only loves the purest and purest sports. No, don’t you find a boyfriend, don’t soak, don’t drink, don’t engage in friendship, isn’t it normal to not join the soror? Nanjing Sauna doesn’t know what he has caused to Ellison, but even if he knows it, he just smiles. He just feels lonely during the Universiade. He likes a favorite girl. It doesn’t matter if he or she doesn’t make it. Anyway, it is idle. I’m idle, let’s say that if it’s done, the olive skin is firm and xing, and the abdominal muscles are even more amazing. The pole vaulting exercise brings her body shaping effect and makes her upper body The aspects are perfect, the movement lines that are displayed are beautiful, and there is really no flavor. You can taste what you like. On August 8th, 2007, after Allison had no results in the morning, the Nanjing sauna could only be bored and write in the dormitory. It was time to pass the time, but at lunch time, I still met Ellison and her two. The little sister of Nanjing Sauna, in the Nanjing sauna, unintentionally revealed that