ife slowly get better. Even said that no one in the village could compare to their home. Today, such a happy day is something that I couldn’t think of before dreaming. She not only lived to marry her own niece, but also held a lively marriage for her niece with a healthy body! She has a number in her heart, and her own niece is a unique one in Shili Ba Village! When she closes her eyes, it is also possible to say something to Yu Yuxi, myself, I have never been sorry for the old Zhang family in this life! No matter what happened, I have done it myself, and I have done it! “Auntie, look at it, now who can compare you to the day? Today is the jade jade big day, not crying! Wait a minute, we are here, Yuyu still counts on your heart! You can Well, or else jade jade should not be more afraid?” The wheat field is also attached. “Mother, let’s go, the better, the better, you don’t feel bad, you and I are not comfortable with the two children! You let me dry up and watch in the sky, let’s be good, family. And the air is full of enthusiasm! Don’t you be strong?” Sumi’s words are said to be the deepest part of Zhang’s heart, sighing that his old niece is sensible, that is, he is talking, Zhang’s Already a word has been said, patted Sumy’s hand and kept turning his head. “Mother, there is something. I forgot to ask you yesterday. Although we are not small at home, but the whole village is going, can you sit down?” Sumi looked at Zhang’s appearance and quickly shifted the topic. However, I can’t think of anything good at one time. I can only say what I thought of it, but this question is really stupid. Zhang has already answered it once. “you this Is the child also confused? Didn’t you talk to you and your jade sister when I arrived here yesterday? Let’s have a seat at home, but I’m afraid of not enough. I put a shed on the open space in front of our yard! Not to mention that all the people in the village have come, that is, one more than one more, it is also loose and fast, and nothing is wrong! “Zhang Shi feels very