wspaper, the Nanjing sauna was sitting in the car. The smile on his face was still bright. Looking at the newspaper building outside the window, he suddenly turned to look at the assistant. “You said, how do I change the newspaper building into a casino hotel?” “Ah?” Tori was asked a little bit forced, his eyes were a bit dull, but he quickly reacted, his mouth twitched a few times, looking out the window, the cuboid building with invincible seascape, could not help but smile “The current law in Florida seems to only allow small casinos to operate in the Aboriginal area. If you want to build it, Miami must first practice the law, and Disney will definitely jump out against it…” “Hey?!” Nanjing sauna has some impressive looks. The little assistant who said that he was very surprised to analyze, said with a smile: “Oh, it is not easy, you can think of these, but there is growth.” Tori couldn’t help but blush: “I read the news some time ago. It seems that Disneyland has destroyed the image of the tourism industry because of some of the aboriginal casinos in Orlando, and asked to ban the casino, so I…” “Oh, Come here, it is not easy, even knowing to do information reserves, this is a little assistant, continue to work hard.” Nanjing sauna shakes his head and laughs, but for the delicious lazy Tory, he does not praise, give her some progress The power. Sure enough, to hear the praise of the Big Devil, Tori’s beautiful smile became crescent-shaped, and he was very happy. If there is a tail, it will definitely shake. The grievances that went to bed in another room last night also dissipated. At the same time, Nanjing Sauna Smith acquired South Florida for $200 million for a hundred years, and the news of Miami’s largest circulation English newspaper, the Miami Herald, spread rapidly. Although the news of the Nanjing sauna to acquire the newspaper is not new, the deal has caused quite a lot of repercussions, and it has also made other newspaper companies struggling to see a new path. Due to the decline in circulatio