ited twice, and has been busy all the time, and Yang Qianyu stayed in Lan. There is less time in Shan County, and there are more businesses in her family. The pre-business work in Lanshan County has been handled almost, leaving a few talented staff to take care of it. The problem is, if you go to the house at this time, it is even more inappropriate to sneak out in the middle of the night. Besides, the Nanjing sauna has not seen those people. Under the thought of the left, Nanjing sauna simply went to the hotel to open a room, took a shower in the room, and then drove out to find a roadside stall to eat a barbecue. When I ate almost the same, the mobile phone short message came, and the dead ghost did not come to help the old lady to wipe the back? Chapter 383 Named criticism 1 Maziying Township Government Courtyard. The Nanjing sauna stands on the corridor outside the office. It looks far and wide. Looking at the hills and brows of the mountains and rivers under the scorching sun, there is already a little rain. If it is done again, the rice harvest in Maziying Township will also be There is a certain influence. After all, some paddy fields have a higher position and it is inconvenient to irrigate. It is impossible to supply all the paddy fields in the water reserves in the reservoir. Moreover, when the soybeans are to be watered once in a while, the soybeans do not need much water, but in such hot weather, the land is also exposed to the sun. It has dried up, and naturally it will take a while to pour water. “Headmaster, what are you looking at?” Liu Dong walked over with a smile. “Where are we going today?” Liu Dong was in office last week, and he was also the county party secretary Jiang Lianze personally sent him to take office, Jiang Lianze Before leaving, he was allowed to do well in front of everyone, and he would always pay attention to him. With Jiang Lianze’s statement, Liu Dong’s treatment in Maziying Township is still good. At least no one dared to find him. Even Yan Xuyi’s party secretary also po