ental, and then for those Things come to assert that in fact, this kind of behavior is called a post-mortem. Meng Meng immediately smiled, and everyone knew what was going on afterwards, but it was another matter at the time. The national policy of formulating internal light and heavy weight was agreed by Qin Zhongshu at that time. No one even stood up against it. At that time, no one stood up against it. First, the authority of the first emperor was too heavy. No one dared to have any disobedience. The second was that Fushun, who was shown by the decapitation of the six countries after the war, made the Qin Central illusion, and believed that Qin Junbing was no one dare to rise. The third is that the northern Xiongnu arrogance is too swallowing to engulf the Xianyang, and the South Baiyue repeatedly invades the counties and counties in the south. Qin has to react. Under the current situation of the time, it is said that it is necessary to concentrate on internal stability, and ignore the aggressiveness of the Huns and Baiyue. Is it possible? Obviously impossible. “It’s not the old man who talks about the ancient question. It’s too difficult to really want to return to the six countries. The bloody enmity of hundreds of years, lurking so many aristocrats waiting for the event. Then there is the toughness of attaching the Qin law to the six-country dagger. It does not vary from time to time and from place to place. Intensified the rebellious heart of the six countries’ daggers…” Yulin slightly sighed and sighed and said: “The old man was attached to the county with his son. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to maintain stability in Xi’an. Even if the first emperor was not in chaos when he was alive, the second time will be chaotic. Into the forced, surrounded by the Qin State, in fact, Xi’an wedding car rental is a bit difficult to parry, it is difficult to ensure that the Han army at that time when the West, Pakistan, Hanzhong three counties can send troops to defend the soil, also use the three counties t