e more time to drive the car.” Cai Guofang is very considerate of the family. In fact, she just wants to go to the town to see it. She has never had a baby since she was born. In the town, the mold stayed in the village. Jiang Guoan thought about it and thought it was right. He nodded. “Although the village head has promised that I have to go to the factory in the town, but the quota has not been announced yet, I have a heart in my heart, taking advantage of this opportunity. Although the village chief announced the list, “Cai Guofang did not read any books, listened to Jiang Guoan’s list of what he said, but he did not understand it, but he still nodded, and she can still carry a small Bao went to the town to eat delicious. See Jiang Guoan agree, Cai Guofang excitedly entered the house after eating the meal, distressed what clothes he wants to wear tomorrow, what to bring, Jiang Guoan tired to go to rest, Jiang Yue washed the bowl before returning to his house . Take out the homework of the design drawings in a mezzanine under the bed. There is also a black pen on the homework. I don’t blame her for the tightness of Cai Guofang’s defense. Cai Guofang can’t do anything at home, so she really worried that she would turn her drawings out. Outside the dark sky, a bright and bright moon hangs in the sky, surrounded by stars and stars, densely covered with the entire sky. Jiang Yue drew five drawings and then went to sleep. The next day, Jiang Yue got up early, and was preparing to make breakfast. He actually found that Cai Guofang, who had always been lazy, was already in the kitchen. Cai Guofang was wearing big red clothes and looked very happy, as if there was any happy event in the family. She has not completely recovered her body, and she has a short, long-legged waist, short, black and temperament. She also painted a very thick red rouge on her face, which looks awkward. However, Cai Guofang seems to be very confident. He feels very beautiful. He is very chest-high and his head is so high, like a peacock. This a