ily. Rich is true. Moreover, before I came to listen to Cui Laodao, it is not a person who guards the treasure lamp. No matter how it changes and induces, it must not be fooled. Otherwise, it will not be guaranteed. He is also home to the old and the young. If there is a rush, it is not a joke. So he bends his bow and lets the beauty take him to the treasure. He dares to say a “no” word and eat the grandfather three arrows. When the beauty saw the hunting, he did not eat this set, so he took him to the apse and opened the temple door to the front: “Huaguangliang is the treasure lamp, and you should take it yourself.” Hunting looks forward, no In the distance, there was Huaguang Ruicai, and immediately stepped in. Going out a few steps and then turning back, there is a palace behind it, still a black lacquered cave, but I feel a bit guilty, knowing that Cui Laodao said yes, thanks to not being fooled. Hunting for a fortune, go straight to the light, do not feel at the end of the cave, to the place to see a dumbfounded, but the old saying is only a few lights, Huang Chengcheng is gold, white flowers are silver, what is pearl, Which is emerald, coral, tourmaline, agate, ivory, piled up like a mountain, shaking his eyes Not open. These treasures have never been seen in the dream of hunting, and the names are not called. I regret that I didn’t have a big pocket. I had to take off my coat and lay it on the floor as a bag of skin, kneeling on the knees and holding it in one hand. At first, the silver ingots were loaded, and the silver ingots of fifty-two were loaded with a full load. They were wrapped up and thought it was wrong. The silver was worth the money. The gold in the cave was a large yellow croaker. How much? What about money? Busy and take off the folder, put gold in it, put a shot on the head, or not, I have to install the pearl jade, that is the most valuable, how much gold to get out? Then he squatted on his blouse and chose the finest pearl jade, and it was wrapped in a bag full of Dangdang. He was stunne

ing, who he sent before, went to Luoyang, but that was not to invite Wu Song and Lin Chong into the gang, but to go with a confidant; now that ‘invitation’ An Dao all came to the mountain, then he would use his head to go. After picking a pass, Lu Qian selected Xiao Xiao Er. The three brothers of the two brothers have a strong personality, but in detail, the three are still somewhat different. For example, the little seven is the best in the world. When the Fang La was condemned, in order to be insulted after the defeat of the army, the self-deprecating Xiao Xiao Er, the staunch character has some calmness. Xiao Xiao is the third of the three brothers, and his character is relatively calm. This may also be related to his personal family. “Jiro should know that the previous killings, my brother was seriously injured in the cottage, and the students were necrotic. Seventy-eight brothers did not die under the sword, but fell on the sickbed, and made my heart hurt. Nowadays on the mountain Several doctors who were detained said that they also had some fame in Jeju Prefecture, but they could not do anything. I thought about the An Daoquan. This person was known as the ‘Spirit of Medicine’ in Jiankang, and it was a big one. The name, the tube is a difficult problem, all hand to the disease. So these people will not leave a stable and rich life, but with my brother up the mountain. This time I can only do this The next method is to make the Anshen doctor come up the mountain.” Lu Qian handed a public letter to the hand. The former was presented by Jeju House. Lu Qian broke Songzhai and seized many official documents, so that Xiao Ling and Jin Dajian took the script. I believe that it is also a fake look at the Jeju government. Then there is a fake handwritten book of Deng Tong, the prefect of Jeju. In the article, there is a lot of praise for Andao, and as a suggestion, as long as An Dao is willing to go to Jeju to take care of the wounded, heal the wounded and help the wounded. After he annihilates Liangshan, he will

ssing her threatening her, fierce. The award ceremony officially began, and hosted a speech at the Xi’an wedding car rental. In such an occasion, it would be boring if it weren’t for the Xi’an wedding car rental and the main Xi’an wedding car rental to win the prize. Fortunately, it’s not a while to turn to Suye to sing. The lights on the stage lit up. Su Ye took off his suit jacket and wore a black shirt. The neckline opened to the chest muscles, with his short hair and blue, mysterious and dangerous. If his hormones are smelly, it should be the smell of the snake blood that she has tasted through the world. It is cool, mixed with rich aphrodisiac spices, sweet and sweet, she is still unforgettable. Fu Qing looked at his face and it was difficult to concentrate on listening to him singing. He seemed nervous and did not dare to look at her, especially her grandfather. The face is focused on listening to him singing. He is not so nervous even in the game. The screen behind him is playing a fragment of his Xi’an wedding car rental movie, the lonely house in the drizzle, the rain hit the beauty Xi’an wedding car rental banana, he is wearing a black robe and scarred walking under the cloister, like going through the screen She is coming. Fu Qing looked at the snake in the picture was swayed with thoughts, as if she was still talking to him in the Xi’an wedding car rental house with him. As if he was still sitting under the red account yesterday, he said to her: “Come here, come closer. She couldn’t help but think that in so many years, he was alone in Xi’an wedding car rental in this lonely house to keep the truth, again and again. How long it is to save the mistress, how lonely it is… After a long time, she looked at the pictures that she had experienced and still felt empty, with one hand holding her cheeks and looking at the screen with her fingers. Around her serpentine earrings. Her grandfather suddenly came sideways and said to her: “Your children are watching you. “Well? She was busy returning to see

t and said: “I don’t know about this comprehensive view, but in terms of admission scores, it should be the physics department? After all, the top three in the country, and the treatment of the school can also see which one the school pays the most attention to.” Tong Fei sighed: “唉In the past, I always listened to the students in other schools in the school. I thought that the resources of the physics department were too good. Other departments seemed to be not the students of the school.” Lu Xiaoyi laughed, Jiangda was the top comprehensive university in China, and the physics department was one of the best. There are many professors and academicians. Therefore, Jiangda has always been well-versed in the physics department. It is clearly the school with the fewest number of schools, but it has the most lavish single-family building, as well as the most scholarships and various subsidies. It is no wonder that students from other colleges will be indignant. Deer Xiao sat at the desk and combed his hair, feeling a bit strange. “How do you suddenly think about this today?” Tong Fei replied: “A few days ago, our school did not have any research in physics, asteroids, etc. The school’s propaganda was very powerful, and it was once a hot head. During that time, Jiangda was spent in various praises. Lu Xiao nodded: “I know, what happened?” “I heard that at the time of the award, it was in Moscow, and there were a lot of Chinese scientists in the physical world.” Tong Fei said with amazement. “So great?” Deer Xiao surprised. “Who is it?” Tong Fei shook his head. “I don’t know, but I heard that I am a young professor.” Oh… It’s no surprise, there are so many people in the world. Not all know. Lu Xiao looked at her with a puzzled look: “I have said so much, what do you want to do?” Tong Fei’s eyes brightened, and this said the key point: “I saw on the official website of the school that the scientist recently returned to China, and he is today. I was invited to our school to give a lecture.” Lu Xiao got up and w

plus the thousands of people in the city today, there are only three thousand people. In addition, there are more camping battalions, such as the giant camps that have been left in the city to do military transport, but there are thousands of people who want to add up, so that is 4,000 people. Finally, the four battalions banned by the party Shixiong, a full two thousand people. The knife and gun are sharp and sharp, and the armor is complete and the combat power is good. The information outside the waterway was continuously sent to Liangshan. Dang Shixiong led the two thousand banned troops to the city, and Lu Qian had already obtained a detailed list of the number of people in the army. A total of 6,000 people, and then three or two thousand people to follow. This battle is well done, Liangshan can eat a bite. In the Juyi Hall, the heads of the heads sat together and attended a Baoguang monk Deng Yuanjue. First, I named Zhu Gui, and asked him to say the strength of the officers and men of the roads outside the water. Then Lu Qian asked the people: “This battle, I am still holding the water and the mountains, waiting for the work; or killing the shore, with the official The frontal force of the army is determined to be a male and female. What are the high opinions of all the brothers, and they are said.” Lu Qian is very ‘subtle, humble,’ soliciting opinions from all. He is already the leading brother of Liangshan, and Wang Lun finally passed over at the end of the first month. Lu Qian and others dressed him to wear filial piety, personally help, and sent the last journey of life. Turned around, Lu Qian was really The real name is justified. As the boss, the necessary majesty and decision-making are naturally necessary; it can be called the good feelings of life. In these major events, I would like to ask the opinions of the brothers and turn all the minds into a single rope. The role is self-evident. Do not The eyes of few people are looking at Lu Da and Lin Chong. Nowadays, the leaders of the cottage are convi

person to doubt him, but considering that Hugo is one of the missing people, and they just saw a Grindelwald mark in the dormitory, they decided to put I have said what I have encountered recently. When Moline returned to the past and returned to the past for no reason, there would be a detailed explanation of what happened to him. By the way, he mentioned the magic of his eyes and his eyes. What Molin didn’t think was that Hugo was not the first person to doubt him, Lily was. “You said you went back to the past?” Lily laughed. “Morlin, don’t be stupid, you tell me, do you have a time converter?” Moline shook his head: “The blame is here, if I have A time converter, all this makes sense.” Lily put down the knife and fork and said: “Mo Lin, I always thought that you are a very rational person, smart, brave, talented in magic, not It’s ridiculous, but what you said recently is really ridiculous. You said yesterday that Professor Trelawney gave you a prophecy! Don’t be stupid? Time converter, mysterious prophecy… your imagination is true Rich.” “Maybe he is right!” Hugo, who was the most ridiculous, stood on Moline’s side and did not doubt Moline’s words. Instead, he said seriously: “For example, we I just saw the seal of a death sacred instrument, just on me.” “Hugo, is your mind confused? What does the seal of the Deathly Hallows have to do with you? Do you think that you are the son of the heavenly election?” Lily laughed. “I hope you.” I can change my own bad habits, maybe you won’t talk nonsense.” “I didn’t say nonsense, Moline was there at the time, I really hope that I can have a Muggle hair dryer, we can see what we just watched. The things I got were taken.” Hugo was not satisfied. “Yeah! If you are smart enough, you should understand that the Muggle device that can shoot things is called a video camera. Thank you for your Muggle study class to learn Muggle knowledge.” Lily stood up and packed herself up. Something: “Give you a suggestion, first make the knowledge of Muggle clear, and then go to the

d the city?” Wang said. This has been a bloody battle since ancient times, and it is the end of the two armies. There are plenty of grain and grass in the city of Luzhou, and I am not afraid of the siege of Liangshan thief. And the strong attack and fierce fighting, they are also dominated by the defensive. Although Liangshan thieves defeated the decisive battle, it does not mean that they will be able to take advantage of the long-term squad outside the city. If you are not worried about the stone cannons of Liangshanpo, Wang Hao dares to point out that he will be able to hold the city. Even if the soldiers and horses in the city are all Western troops, he can all hope to wait until the enemy’s army is weak, and then fight hard, so that it can be a battle. Yao Gu and Wang Hao are all silent. Liu Zhongwu is determined to fight, and what are they going to do? Early the next morning, Liu Xi was awakened by a loud noise. He was busy getting dressed and dressed neatly. I saw that my father was standing in the courtyard and sighing, and I asked the followers on the side to find out what happened. Early this morning, the patrol city made Liu Guangshi to report. After dawn, they found that many letters of persuasion were scattered in the city, and some notices were posted and confusing people. Liu Guangshi did not catch the fine work, but arrested the surrounding people. The matter was reported by Liu Zhongwu, and was released by Liu Zhongwu. This Liu Guangshi just held the military power in his hand and began to really patrol the city. Now it is necessary to catch hundreds of people in one breath. Isn’t it called the explosion of Zhangzhou City? Waiting for the next day, a team of one or two thousand people drove down to the city. Soldiers in the middle of the army were selected and took turns yelling. On the bright side, the generals in the city were facing the generals. In fact, they were suppressing the morale of the defenders. Liang Shanjun’s screaming voice was heard. The city army will only be a tortoise, and a

myth=79/80, passed. 】 Absolutely.. Looking at his own darkness and feedback from Sadako, KP really didn’t know how to vomit. [Yes, there is a reputation that is not inferior to the existence of Naia, and at the same time it is also one of the three pillars of the original god, the master of time and space, is called the return of all things, free from the existence of the multidimensional universe, Jug Sotos. 】 Well, but also met with the flaps, but also by the flaps smashed a poor quality, almost violently tearing the card. “It is the three pillars of the original god.. The three pillars of the original god recorded in the book of the Necromancer, the chaotic Naia, the omnipotent Jug, the black goat that gave birth to everything. So, the evil spirits appearing here are the oracles that represent the omniscience. What about the grid?” I remembered the information I had when I read the book of the Necromancer, and the flaps were a bit sloppy. Jug Sotos, the return of all things, the existence of omniscience. Everything is omniscient and omnipresent, and it can be attributed to the existence of the past, the present, and the future. [Don’t be so scared, at least Jug is very gentle in this group of gods.. As long as you don’t please, it won’t happen. 】 “I feel that this situation is already very dangerous. As a omniscience, Jug must know that I am here?” This time, it is actually the existence of omniscience. This is not God. What? ! Omniscient.. Just omniscience, not all-powerful? No, at least for humans, it is indeed a versatile existence. “What is the reason why Naia guides me here?” [.rd Inspiration = 57/75] Yes, inspiration. For a moment, the flaps thought of it. Before talking with the night magic, no, it should be the night magic form of Naia, Naia said so: [No, no, don’t look at me so strangely. Although I am indeed on the side of the gods, I am not very boring if the human beings are so ruined. Since all things have told me about the future of mankind, I have been here, during this time, in this gap, a

g of many bad things. He even thought that the party and the beauty had to be ruined. The confused question asked: “What happened?” “Nothing, just a little boring, I I thought I would drink and chat with my colleagues tonight, but no matter where I stand, there will be men coming to ask if they have seen them, praise their beautiful clothes, etc., vomit!” In March, the weather at night was still slightly It was a bit cold, so Ye Dongqing took her coat off to her. When Laura felt happy, she heard him say to William Assistant: “I have this coat with mustard and help me take the spare coat.” Laura thinks that he is just not used to reveal his true thoughts. He is still very happy. He said, “On a big yacht, wearing expensive evening dresses and drinking red wine to listen to music, this is me. When I was a child, I grew up in my dreams, but I thought it would be my own boat, and there were good friends at the time.” “If you can balance your mind, I I would say that this is not my yacht. The captain of Edward Edward has just brought someone into the room, but this is indeed my favorite life. After all, I am now a super rich.” Ye Dongqing is not modest. If it is more than anyone on this ship who knows him the most, it must be Laura. When she helped the apartment landlord to launder money, she was around Ye Dongqing. In fact, it was not so far away. It was only over a year. “It’s really amazing. I still regret that I didn’t do business with you at that time. Otherwise, I will be the only shareholder in the Danshui Investment Group except you, worth hundreds of millions?” Laura is just Joking, her current life has far exceeded expectations. “It should be there. It is a pity that this is just the beginning. In the future, you will find that the lost wealth is far more than you think now.” Laura just laughed after listening, she is a smarter class. At the moment, I was thinking that if I agreed to the debt at the time, I would do business with Ye Dongqing. Maybe after a common topic, the relationship can go further than n

but if you’re incarnate in the car, you might change the difficulty directly into a fish. Human difficulty.] Yes, this KP suggesting me outside the car incarnation of God cards can directly reduce the difficulty to a minimum of difficulty. “Trained, trained not to blame it on the old card? She has an old incarnation, then I should have no problem with the card of an ordinary person. ” Opened the car card template, then, the flaps found strange things, their character card template should be four, how suddenly became five? [Oh.. the one who prayed tomorrow Although there were not many rewards for the mission after the mission, it seems to have given you a special reward. Did you open the letter to check it?] “No, how long ago the group was, a year ago? I didn’t even see the reward notice at the end.. If I didn’t open the character card template today, I don’t know it today..” [Template: Human New Card] [Template: Old Descent] [Template: Superior Independence Race] [Template: External God Incarnation] [Template: Outside Goddess] “Wait? ! God fucking gods and descendants? ! What the hell? ! It was shocking! I quickly opened the template and looked at it. Then I found that my lineup list seemed to be more than a camp. It was also a third-party camp. [Unknown to the Antarctic, it can’t speak, no name. Can’t explore, it’s lonely, lonely, it.. I only saw a wise alien, the moment it came out of prison. Obviously the other is a metamorphosis, but it doesn’t seem to mind.] If the flaps are not mistaken If that, the little god sister.. It seems that the ability is to radiate radiation, transform any creature into a strong but irrational creature and approach her, assimilated by her and then eaten. Because of the assimilation, it is generally close to her when it is close to her. She almost has the same existence.. So.. “The guy who looks like a sick guy has done a slap on my body!?” [emmm, although I didn’t read the record, but according to the feedback of the group’s KP, What should I do? 】 “God fucking should do i